Master Google Snake Game: Unbeatable Strategies for 2023 High Scores


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Master Google Snake Game: Unbeatable Strategies for 2023 High Scores

The classic Snake game found its way onto the Google homepage as an instant hit. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about playing Snake on Google.

Snake Game Google

The Snake game on Google appears in browser when you search for “snake” or click the pop-up prompt. It is a nod to the original 1970s arcade game where players control a snake to eat apples and avoid walls or its own tail.

On Google, use arrow keys to move the snake around a grid eating apples to increase length. Get tangled or hit the border and you lose. The endless arcade-style Snake game is simple and addictive entertainment right on the Google homepage.

Google Snake Game Play Online

The beauty of Snake on Google is you can play it instantly online without downloads using any desktop or laptop browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

Just search Google for “snake” or “play snake” and click the prompt to launch the game. Use arrow keys to control the snake and eat apples. See how long you can survive and growth your snake while avoiding obstacles.

With quick multiplayer matches, smooth controls and retro appeal, the browser-based Google Snake game offers nostalgic fun.

Google Snake Game High Score

Scoring in the Google Snake game depends on eating apples to grow your snake as large as possible. Here are some tips for getting a high score:

  • Plan your path strategically to trap apples
  • Cut off your tail rather than colliding into yourself
  • Move on edges to avoid getting trapped
  • Turn quickly when reversing direction
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly without skidding
  • Restart your game immediately after losing

Practice smoothly navigating tight spaces and cutting quick turns to grow massive high-scoring snakes.

Google Doodle Snake Game

Google introduced its own special version of Snake as part of a Google Doodle on May 5, 2017 celebrating video game history. It featured eye-catching artificial intelligence and machine learning elements:

  • Snake increases length by eating ML and AI shaped apples
  • Obstacles include DeepBlue and databases
  • Each level increases difficulty and speed

The unique Google Doodle put a machine learning spin on the retro arcade game while remaining nostalgic and instantly playable for millions of users.

How to Play Google Snake Game

The Google Snake game controls are simple. On desktop:

  • Use arrow keys to move the snake
  • Left and right arrows turn the snake
  • Up arrow speeds up, down arrow slows down
  • Eat apples to increase snake length
  • Don’t collide with walls or your own tail

On mobile:

  • Tap left or right edge to turn the snake
  • Swipe anywhere to steer the snake

The intuitive controls allow anyone to easily jump in for some casual Snake gameplay.

Google Snake Game Tricks

While Google’s Snake doesn’t have elaborate cheats or hacks, here are some clever tricks worth knowing:

  • Briefly reverse direction by tapping opposite key
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly to maintain control
  • Cut off your tail rather than dying by collision
  • Use edges to quickly trap apples within corners
  • Lure the snake into tight spaces to force growth
  • On mobile, swipe repeatedly for speed boosts

Master the finer techniques of smooth movement, precision turns and strategic apple trapping to get those high scores.

Google Maps Snake Game

For April Fools’ Day 2018, Google added a fun hidden Snake game version to Google Maps.

How to play:

  • Open the Google Maps app on Android or iOS
  • Tap the menu icon and select “Play Snake”
  • Use directional arrows to move the snake around real world maps
  • Eat passengers and location pins to gain length

This ingenious integration of Snake with Google Maps street view and landmarks made for a viral gaming sensation.

Google Snake Game Cheats

The classic Snake game on Google doesn’t have specific cheats or hacks. But here are some tips to boost your performance:

  • Quickly tap opposite key to reverse direction
  • Use edges to trap apples in corners and force growth
  • Cut off your tail rather than dying by collision
  • Accelerate and brake smoothly to maintain flow
  • On mobile, repeatedly swipe to speed up movement
  • Immediately restart after losing to start fresh

With finesse and practice, you can stretch snakes across the entire grid even in tight spots.

Google Snake Game Easter Egg

The Google Snake game itself is something of an Easter egg surprise. But within the game, entering “goge” as your high score player name unlocks a neat retro-styled secret logo.

This hidden design is based on the original Google logo and highlights the tech giant’s roots in retro gaming and computer history. Discovering surprises like the goge Easter egg logo add to the nostalgic fun of Snake on Google.

Google Snake Game Multiplayer

While Google’s Snake starts as a solo game, clicking the Multiplayer button allows others to join:

  • Up to 4 players compete simultaneously
  • Different colored snakes for each player
  • Momentary trail immunity upon eating apple
  • Players can cut off each other’s tails

The frantic multiplayer Snake battles quickly become chaotic and intense but multiply the fun.

Classic Snake Game on Google

Google’s version pays tribute to the early mobile phone Snake games of the late 1990s. It hit the right balance of nostalgia and simplicity that made it an instant hit.

Some key elements that recreate the retro classic Snake charm:

  • Pixelated old-school vector graphics
  • Smooth responsive gameplay
  • Addictive one-more-try appeal
  • Approachable controls using just arrow keys
  • Escalating difficulty and rewards

The timeless Snake format thrives to this day thanks to Google’s faithful browser-based adaptation.

Google Snake Game Levels

The 2017 Google Doodle version added fun new obstacles and levels reflecting machine learning:

  • Level 1: Classic Snake eating apples
  • Level 2: Collect ML apples avoiding DeepBlue blocks
  • Level 3: Puzzle databases appear as walls
  • Level 4: Neural networks zigzag as obstacles

The tiered levels provided entertaining variety and increased challenge while representing AI concepts visually through the game.

Snake Game Google Doodle History

Google introduced its Snake Doodle on May 5, 2017 to celebrate video game history and culture. Some key notes:

  • Created by game developer Max Sauer
  • Coincided with the 30th anniversary of Snake’s creation
  • Honored arcade games and handheld titles like Tetris
  • Mixed original Snake gameplay with modern Google elements
  • Showcased machine learning and artificial intelligence

The innovative Doodle brought Snake gaming nostalgia to millions of Google users.

Google Snake Game Controls

Google Snake employs simple, intuitive controls:


  • Arrow keys to move the snake
  • Left and right arrow keys turn snake
  • Up arrow accelerates, down arrow brakes


  • Tap left or right edge to turn
  • Swipe or drag anywhere to steer
  • Multiple successive swipes gain speed

The pick-up-and-play controls enable anyone to readily enjoy Google’s take on the classic Snake formula.

Google Snake Game Tips

Here are some top tips for high scores and longevity in Google’s addictive Snake game:

  • Accelerate and brake gradually to prevent skidding off
  • Use edges to trap apples and force snake growth
  • Turn quickly when reversing direction
  • Cut off tail rather than colliding when trapped
  • Think ahead to box in apples and plan escape routes
  • Practice smooth rhythm of movement rather than spamming

With responsive controls and clever play, Snake veterans can squeeze massive scores out of even the tightest spaces.

Google’s ever-popular return to Snake gaming basics remains fresh thanks to multiplayer modes, special Easter eggs, and novel variants like the Maps mashup. The straightforward Snake implementation makes it universally fun and playable across devices for casual gamers and devoted high score chasers alike.