Google will allow you to add notes to passwords

Coincidentally, this very morning I was talking to a friend about Google, more specifically about its password manager. I won’t say his name, so as not to compromise him, but the fact is that he told me that some time ago he created a document to save some passwords . She kept that document so she could retrieve it when she needed it, and obviously she protected it with a password, a pretty strong password. The problem is that she was so secure that now she doesn’t remember it, so I imagine that at this time she will be resetting passwords in various services.

The first instinct when learning about a situation like this is to laugh, of course, but now raise your hand if you’ve never forgotten a password. And it is that the times are long gone when a simple password was more than enough to protect access. Data leaks, attacks that combine brute force with dictionaries, social engineering… have meant that we have to opt for much more complex passwords, that we can never repeat a password between various services and, furthermore, that we change them from time to time. All this for the enormous amount of services in which we currently sign up.

A few years ago, using a password manager was a good option, something recommended, but for some time now it has become a necessity, something we must do if we want to ensure the security of our accounts. Google has been very aware of this for a long time, and in response they added, many years ago, a function in Google Chrome that allowed passwords to be saved and, in addition, added it to the autocomplete function, thus allowing it not to be necessary to write the username and password every time we want to log in to a service.

Google will allow adding notes to passwords

Since then, Google Chrome’s password manager has made it difficult for other password management services, as Google Chrome’s dominant position among browsers, coupled with the convenience of This function and, something important, the free service (in my case I pay about 30 euros per year for the one I use) are many points in its favour. Against? Well, the Google service has fewer functions than the paid ones.

However, Google seems determined to close this gap, and for some time now it has been improving the functions in this regard. A little less than a year and a half ago it took a very important step, allowing users to edit their passwords, and more recently it improved the function to identify and change weak passwords, in addition to offering multiple administration options.

And now we know, from Android Police, that Google’s password manager will soon allow adding notes to logs, another common function in password managers, and which I personally think is one of the most tools. With this change, Google’s password manager is even closer to services of this type, and regardless of whether you are a user of them or not, because in the first case, you will see a new function added to it, and in the second, the rest of the services will have to be creative to think about what to offer their users so that they continue to be so.

Google will allow adding notes to passwords

Personally, as I have indicated before, I use a paid service to manage my passwords, but what I did not say before is that for some time now I also use the Google manager, and From time to time I wonder if it is worth keeping the other service. So far the answer has always been yes, but if the search engines continue to add functions to their password manager, and the rest of the services do not react, I am not so sure that this will continue to be my answer in the future.

And on a more personal note: Jose, don’t worry, in my case I was lucky and was able to recover it, but I also forgot a master password. And I put my hand in the fire that it has also happened to more than one of the people who are reading.

Is this your case? Have you forgotten a particularly important password? Do you use a password manager? And yes, I haven’t forgotten that there are some highly recommended free and open source options, do you use any of them?