Google works on a battery of very powerful improvements for Google TV and Chromecast

With each new update the programmers run into the source code to find out what new improvements are about to arrive. It is done with WhatsApp, with Windows 11 and with Chromecast, as is the case that concerns us today.

According to a team of engineers, they have discoverednews by decompiling the latest version of the application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. Once the code was exposed, experts have been able to see several lines of code that hint at possible future features.

Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever release these features, and the interpretation of the experts may be wrong. However, they have been encouraged to expose what these new features are that they should Chromecast and Google TV:

Restricted mode for Google TV: The latest version adds strings that suggest some new features coming to the home screen. One of the biggest features we’re seeing in development is called Restricted Mode.

This change is a new way to filter content on the home screen for the standard adult profile. When enabled, it appears to block any adult programs from autoplaying, but would only apply to free content.

Google’s description mentions free samples (which we assume to mean trailers) and ad-supported movies and shows.

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Children’s playlist: Based on the code in this latest update discovered by 9to5Google, it appears that Google is preparing to allow the child profile to have its own playlist.

The watchlist is a basic function of Google TV that allows you to save content both from the TV’s own recommendations and from other devices, and link to that content within the applications.


Google would be working on a new Chromecast and this is what is known so far

Google TV Channels: Finally, we have also seen networks that refer to Google TV Channels. The feature appears to be codenamed freeplay.

Based on very limited context, we believe this could be additional free streaming content beyond the Pluto TV integration that launched last year. In a recent interview, Google had already announced more free content on the platform.