Grounded has already had more than 10 million players, and is still in early access

Obsidian Entertainment is one of the busiest Xbox Game Studios. They launched The Outer Worlds and its expansions on all platforms, they will soon launch Avowed, their new fantastic role-playing proposal, and they are even working on The Outer World 2.

All this while following a smaller team continues to feed Grounded, a cooperative survival game with the original proposal that the characters are tiny, and face the dangers of a garden, including giant insects.

Although it has been in Early Access for a year and a half, it has already had more than 10 million players.

Adem Brennecke, director of Grounded, has recorded a short video with the rest of the team to thank the fans for their support, although without much news. They are going to give a little gift, a free dynamic theme for Xbox for the dashboard.

The game continues to receive small updates, such as 0.12, with new areas to explore and meet other creatures. It is a barbecue that has fallen, so everything is full of embers that can burn you… and it has become full of termites.

This dungeon will allow you to fight a new creature with which to craft a class 3 ax and new chest armor.

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Other quality improvements include being able to craft up to five items at a time, marking objectives on the map, and a scan to see where you can find the materials you need in the garden.

Not a word, that is, about its final release, although even in early access there is much to do with your friends. Obsidian is expected to announce more of Avowed this year, though a release this year, with Starfield already in the works, is unlikely. In addition, the studio still has unannounced games.

Remember that Grounded is available on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox consoles, which is not going to go up in price at the moment, according to Phil Spencer. With this offer you can save 15 euros for the 3-month subscription.