Guillermo Murcia, candidate for the peace seats in Arauca, is released

This Monday afternoon, the candidate for the Special Constituency of Peace, Guillermo Murcia, was kidnapped by illegal groups in the Palmarito hamlet , between the municipalities of Fortul and Tame, in Arauca. After several hours, local authorities announced his release.

The news was shared by the mayor of Fortul, Javier Cabrera, who wrote the following on his social networks: “First of all, thanking God in advance, and to all the people who extended their prayers for the prompt return of this great Fortuño to his home.”

Likewise, the president of the Colombian Campaign Against Mines, Álvaro Jiménez, celebrated the release and said that Murcia and his team “are now with their family all safe and sound”.

“Guillermo Murcia and his team were released, they are now with their family all safe and sound. Thanks to all those who helped spread the message and demanding respect for the life of the team,” Jiménez wrote in a tweet.

It should be noted that Murcia is a recognized social leader in the department of Arauca. He has been a victim of antipersonnel mines and is part of the Campaign Colombian Against the Mines, is currently a candidate for the House of Representatives. by the Association of Survivors of Antipersonnel Mines Fighting for Dignity and Peace (ASODIGPAZ).

Minutes before the announcement of the release, the Ombudsman’s Office rejected the kidnapping through its Twitter account and asked the authorities to “provide all guarantees for the performance of their duties to the candidates for the next territorial elections.”

“In the alert 004-2022 we warn of the risk of internal armed conflict and other violence for this year’s elections. Arauca has 4 municipalities at extreme risk: Tame, Fortul, Arauquita and Saravena; 1 high risk: Arauca; and 2 at medium risk: Cravo Norte and Puerto Rondón,” added the entity.