Hallelujah! Lost Ark will add new European servers to improve queue times

Yesterday I took a look at my friends list, and I saw them all hooked on Lost Ark. I do not judge them, I would be the same if it were not for the fact that the download of the game on my PC does not advance at all. I’ve tried absolutely everything, and there is no person or god in the world that can give the download a boost. I guess it’s all patience, and I’ll keep trying until I can get on that bad drug.

Lost Ark: These are all the minimum requirements you need to enjoy the game on PC

Just above you have all the minimum and recommended requirements for your PC to run Lost Ark without problems. It is always good to remember, that later if the PC explodes we get upset. For those of you who are already involved in the game, you know that entering it is quite an odyssey. Not because of the difficulty, but because of the huge waiting queues for each one. I know, this takes away the desire to play, but it seems that they are already looking for a solution to this problem.

A fix to the Lost Ark servers

  • The game has been a boom on Steam, which means that there is a huge number of players eager to enter the world of Lost Ark ?
  • This has led to servers becoming overwhelmed and players having to wait over an hour to log in. Since this is not life, its creators want to fix this little problem by creating new servers in Europe (via PC Gamer) ?
  • These new servers will be part of a new region , so it will be separated from Central Europe ?
  • The only downside to this is that players from different regions can’t play with each other, which would mean a gap within the Europe community ?
    • “Region-wide features, such as Central European Silver and Royal Crystal balances, will not be accessible in the new European region . The new region will be ideal for players who haven’t created their character yet or haven’t committed to staying on their current server.”
  • I hope these new servers solve the biggest problem right now. As long as there isn’t a massive drop in these, I think we can do well… ?
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