Halo Infinite prepares a patch that will improve multiplayer stability

Halo Infinite is preparing a patch scheduled for release next February 24. 343 Industries advances the multiple fixes and improvements that it will introduce in both the console and PC versions.

Halo Infinite: new telemetry, stability improvements and more

The team says that in the update we can expect a new telemetry system “focused on collecting more data in encounters where shots are fired around walls and corners.” That is, the online code will act so that the damage received is more precise with respect to the real position of the player.

Some players pointed out during these weeks that the animations in the first person occurred at a different framerate than the one the game runs. 343 Industries ensures that we will now see the “smoothest” animations when performing actions such as reloading or climbing.

The campaign has been one of the points they wanted to emphasize: “We will see many improvements in the experience during the campaign. Whether it’s fixing issues with unlocking achievements or returning the game via Quick Resume, the team has worked on a good number of fixes for the campaign since launch with more to come.” We are urged to read the patch notes to know them in detail.

On the other hand, we can expect “multiple improvements” in the anti-cheat system used by Halo Infinite, as well as an increase of up to 24 meters in the movement register in Big Team Battle.

This patch will arrive a few weeks after the last communication from Joseph Staten, the head of the project. During the message he assured that they needed more time to be able to draw a road map for the following months and seasons. You can read the complete declarations through this link.