Hardly anyone knows what the best horror movie of 2021 was, but now you can watch it on Netflix

Modern horror movies are full of special effects, gore, and lots of violence and action. It’s easy to fall back on that when you have little to say.

But as all good fans of the genre know, those artifices are not needed to film a good scary movie. This is what happens with the Argentine film Historia de lo Oculto strong>, which has been chosen Best Horror Film of 2021by the prestigious website Letterboxd.

It is a low-budget black and white film strong>, which delves into the most basic terrors of human beings, with politics and journalism as a backdrop. Here you can see the trailer:

This is the last broadcast of “60 Minutes Before Midnight”, the most watched journalistic program on television. The star of the night is Adrián Marcato, who hides a conspiracy that links the government to occult and satanic practices.

The program’s journalists are immersed in a race against time to locate an article that would allow Marcato to confess live. They will use his trade, but also much less common methods.

A journalistic film with touches of classic horror where the filming in black and white connects with the way we remember our worst nightmares. It also highlights its real-time narration, which generates even more tension.

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History of the occult is a co-production between Tangram Cine and Decimu Labs, with the support of Lumbre Estudio, Taller Buendía and the National University of La Plata.

It is directed by Cristian Ponce, director of the series “The Kirlian Frequency”, which has also been seen on Netflix.

History of the Occult premiered on the popular platform on October 15, going unnoticed by most.

Broadcast at the Cannes and Sitges festivals, and winner of the award for Best First Film at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, it is now a good occasion to enjoy this horror film. Here is your file on Netflix.

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