Hawkeye: this is the tactical suit of the new Black Widow that we never saw and it looks incredible

Hawkeye, the last series from Marvel Studios as part of the UCM that we have been able to see on Disney+ before the next premiere of Moon Knight, has introduced a good handful of characters related to the Daredevil universe, from Echo to the great surprise of Vincent d’Onofrio’s Kingpin, the latter previously seen in the Daredevil series from Netflix. But we have also seen how characters from the movies returned, among them, the new Black Widow of Yelena Belova after her appearance in Black Widow, played by actress Florence Pugh . Now, a Marvel concept artist has shared an alternative costume of the character that we never saw on the small screen; and it looks spectacular.

Yelena’s tactical suit that we never saw

Thus, at the moment when Yelena decides to go for Clint at the end of Hawkeye, the new Black Widow of the MCU wears a suit similar to that seen on previous members of such a dangerous organization, a spy-type suit that already by itself it looked very good. But now we have been able to see another look that was finally discarded and that was more like a tactical outfit than anything else. This has been shared by Marvel artist Josh Nizzi.

“Here’s an unworn look I did for Yelena in the Hawkeye series. She was combining the wet winter of New York with tactical clothing ”, the artist has written through his publication on Instagram. Of course, Yelena’s appearance in these conceptual images is more than striking and even instills more fear than the more traditional appearance, with a darker tone and even violent.

Yelena Belova will return to the UCM soon as the new Black Widow, although at the moment there is no confirmation of the projects in which Florence Pugh will appear as Natasha’s heiress . Speaking of the character of Scarlett Johansson, a dress rehearsal of the actress with a much more classic cut Black Widow costume was recently published.

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