HBO Max bets on the most classic suspense with its new miniseries: The girl from before

HBO Max is doing very well and in recent weeks has launched a series of its own productions that have managed to capture the attention of the general public, but it seems that it still has more content up its sleeve. The girl from before is the new HBO Max proposal for those who love the suspense genre.

The premise of the new HBO Max miniseries manages to sow doubt from the first moment. Jane, our protagonist, falls in love with a house with a minimalist aesthetic and that has been designed by an architect who is extremely demanding when it comes to accepting tenants.

Jane manages to get the house, but there is a strange motive behind it. And, it is that, three years ago in the house there was a murder of a woman almost identical to her. This discovery causes the mental imbalance to surface and, above all, makes him begin to question absolutely everything.

The girl from before is a miniseries that adapts the homonymous novel by J.P Delaney, although there are several surprises and changes that make it a completely unique and new content. Throughout the four chapters the tension increases almost exponentially.

The most remarkable thing, apart from the staging, sound design and photography, are the interpretations of both Jane herself who is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw and David Oyelowo who gives life to the architect who designed this house of daydreams and nightmares in equal parts.

The girl from before will be available on HBO Max starting Thursday, February 10 of this year. The chapters last around sixty minutes, but being only four, it is a perfect series for a weekend marathon in which to enjoy the best suspense from the sofa.