HBO Max gives you four months with the annual subscription: 5 series that make it worth paying

Since it landed in Spain, HBO Max has been struggling to gain a foothold among the streaming platforms in our country. And boy is he getting it. Not only because of the price of its subscription, but also because it has impressive and essential series in its catalog for all fiction lovers.

If you were thinking of subscribing to HBO Max but you had doubts, we are going to erase them all at once: right now HBO Max is giving you four months with the annual subscription. Come on, you subscribe for a year and end up enjoying the platform for almost a year and a half.

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If you like series like Friends, The Sopranos or Game of Thrones, HBO Max has you It has these and many more in its catalogue.


And is it worth it? Very much. As we have already told you, HBO Max has a wide catalog of comedy, drama and science fiction series, among other genres. Some of these series have been awarded, praised by critics, and can only be seen here.

Do you want to know more? Well we are going to talk about some of the series that are worth subscribing to HBO Max for a year and getting four additional months as a gift.



Euphoria is making history. The series starring Zendaya is becoming the big surprise of 2022, reaching as many viewers as Game of Thrones and becoming the jewel in the crown of HBO Max. The series, which returns with a long-awaited second season, is confirmed as the maximum expression of centennial sensibility.

Rue, Jules and other teenage characters suffer from constant emotional beatings and are not shy about exploring the hell of drugs, toxic relationships, pedophilia, hypersexualization, bullying and much more, as well as the wounds they leave behind, but it’s that honesty that keeps us watching her… Hard as it is sometimes it is.

The Peacemaker


James Gunn pulled this series out of his sleeve for the pandemic while The Suicide Squad is finished.In the series, the character of John Cena is recovered, antihero as they exist and one of the most charismatic in the film.

James Gunn himself directs the first three episodes, which is already a quality certificate. And what is The Peacemaker? Well, much more than a series to have a laugh: it is a series with structure choral, with political resonances and that goes far beyond this murderer who, as his name suggests, is willing to do anything p to get peace from him.


Hacks has won best comedy series, over Ted Lasso.How is that possible?Perhaps because Jean Smart is brilliant in this series that explores the limits of humor and the challenges of women in the sexist world of professional comedy. Smart to Deborah Vance, a legendary stand-up comedian who’s had her own show in Las Vegas for decades.

Now, in low hours, and with the threat of reducing his functions, to update his repertoire he will have to collaborate with Ava, a millennial comedy scriptwriter who at first sight He judges because his jokes are outdated. The series captivates with this generational dynamic and goes in crescendo until reaching a spectacular climax full of laughter and tears. A must.

Raised by Wolves


The second season of Raised by Wolves has finally arrived on HBO Max. Ridley Scott (Alien: Covenant) directs the first two episodes of this series, which he also produces. That’s how impressive Raised By Wolves is, which narrates how two androids known as “Father” and “Mother” are given the task of educating a human child on a mysterious new planet .

Raised By Wolves is possibly one of the best science fiction series that you can find on HBO Max and on any streaming platform. He drinks from the aesthetics of some sequence of Prometheus, although the future that he poses is not very hopeful for the human race.

Killing Eve

At the end of February the last season of one of the most sensational series of the last years, a true phenomenon in itself: Killing Eve, based on the homonymous novel by Luke J ennings and starring two superb Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, accompanied by other great acting milestones such as Fiona Shaw or Kim Bodnia, among others.

The series is a thriller that follows the story of two women who have intelligence above normal : one is a psychopathic assassin and the other is a security agent. For some reason, both of them become obsessed with each other and start a game of cat and mouse, a game that draws a web in which they trap all the people they meet in their path.

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Killing Eve is a unique series in its genre and in the television section in general. A series that combines action with touches of humor, bringing a lot of freshness to each chapter and that says goodbye this year with a final season that, we hope, does justice to its quality.