HBO Max has released the movie that best defines our technological present, and hardly anyone has found out

Every month a large number of films arrive on the platforms. Although there are some that stand out, the vast majority are barely seen and sometimes worthy stories are lost, such as Kimi, the latest feature film by Steven Soderbergh.

Steven Soderbergh is a well-known director who has long dedicated himself to releasing small films at a rate of one per year. His latest work is Kimi and has been released on HBO Max this February 10. This is a film that introduces us to the life of an analyst who works by listening to user messages to a voice assistant.

Kimi is a tool like Alexa or Siri, a voice assistant that is just starting out and where they use people to check the mistakes they make and fix them. A perfect job for the protagonist of the film because she can do it from home and thus avoid the strong agoraphobia that has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic .

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One day, listening to a recording of Kimi, she finds evidence that a crime has been committed. From there, she faces several problems, such as trying to get the user’s history or tensions with the company that has hired her on the issue of privacy .

If this corporate thriller doesn’t stand out for its plot, it is very interesting how technology is introduced into it. A demagogic vision is not imposed, but is naturally present and dialogues about it.

The characters always have their mobile in their hands, the voice assistant jumps when they talk about it, they see leading devices that are already in the homes of some users… Events such as the Amazon trial in Arkansas are even cited to give more realism to the story.

Kimi is an interesting movie from HBO Max that does more than just tell us a suspense story, it also tells us about the use of technology in our lives, and also in a sincere and realistic way, something that is always found.