HBO renews Euphoria for a third season

Every time a new episode is released, it becomes a Trending Topic on Twitter around the world, not only because of its spectacular photography or its impressive soundtrack, but also because of the brutality and rawness with which Sam Levinson tells the story of his characters through their addictions and the many doubts that arise in adolescence.

Euphoria anda is a symbol of a generation as well as being a one of the most successful series on the HBO Max platform, so it is not surprising that the production company has decided to renew the series starring Zendaya for a third season, and that the episodes of the second.

“Sam [Levinson], Zendaya, the cast and crew of Euphoria have managed to push Season 2 to new heights, defying conventional narrative and established norms while maintaining his heart,” explained Francesca Orsi, head of HBO programming before adding:

“We couldn’t be more honored to work with this talented team, nor more excited to continue their journey to throughout a third season”. A new batch of episodes with which HBO Max intends to continue attracting new users to its VOD platform, since the first episode of the second season alone had 14 million views worldwide.

Review of the second season of Euphoria, premiered on HBO Max

Since it was released, Euphoria has not stopped dialing milestones in the history of television, the most important of all, having been the series with which Zendaya became the youngest Emmy winner for Best Leading Actress in history, thanks to the role of Rue, who functions as both protagonist and narrator.

The second season of Eurphoria, currently on air, continues to explore the complicated relationship between Rue and Jules while the first of them follows their descent into hell due to of the drug For her part, Cassie must face a new challenge in her life in which her best friend, Maddy, and her boyfriend, Nate, are involved.