Being the best HDPE liner suppliers in Dubai, we are proud to cater our services to our valuable customers. For us, our customer’s satisfaction is the topmost priority. We immensely work day and night to achieve the target set by our clients. Therefore we manage to become the best HDPE liner suppliers. Also, our products are quality based, so there is no chance of disappointment experienced by our customers. It is essential to make the base of anything super active to ignore the cons. Therefore, we focus on quality very strictly.

We keep the minor details of our customers in mind and make sure to offer them the best products as the projects do not tend to be designed for a couple of days but long term. Our professional team notes every minor detail shared by the clients to offer them the best. We aim to make the projects successful. Therefore, like the HDPE liner, the pond liner and lake liner are designed with superior quality. Using these liners for your project will undoubtedly make your dreams alive for the long term as the quality is not compromising. You can expect an excellent result for choosing us. The below mentioned is the HDPE liner supplier in Dubai for lake and lagoon, the company mentioned below also provide the supply and installation of HDPE liner services for the lake, lagoon, and for the fish pond and swimming pool, etc.


The thickness of HDPE Liner Geomembrane

  • 0.75mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 1mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 1.5mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 2mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 2.5mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 3mm Thick HDPE Liner

Once you dream about your project, then you should choose the product that has a strong base. The products that are poor quality based tend to damage soon. It means that you have to pay more. Hence, it is wise to choose a product that has excellent finishing and uses excellent material. This way, you will be able to enjoy the perks for the long term. People usually go for cheap products, ignoring quality. Such conditions are the cause of damage to the projects even on a large-scale. Therefore you should plan for the budget earlier even before designing the structure of your project as this factor play a vital role.

HDPE Liners and Roll Sizes

  • 0.75mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 280 meter = 1960 sqm/roll
  • 1mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 210 meter = 1470 sqm/roll
  • 1.5mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 140 meter = 980 sqm/roll
  • 2mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 105 meter = 735 sqm/roll
  • 2.5mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 84 meter = 588 sqm/roll
  • 3mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 70 meter = 490 sqm/roll

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Geomembrane is also available. So if you are in search, then quickly get to us as we will be glad to be part of your project. Moreover, you can contact our agent at any time if you have any queries. Our service care agent will provide you all relevant information and details. We will be waiting to connect with you soon. As our customer’s satisfaction is the real reward for us, and their success is truly our success.