Hernán Torres argues with a fan in Cali and receives a coin

Deportes Tolima won a key draw this Wednesday, 1-1, visiting Cali, in the first leg of the Superliga, at the Palmaseca stadium.
Despite the tie, Tolima’s coach, Hernán Torres, ended up upset, because during the game, he said, he received many insults and even coin punches.

Torres’ complaint

At the end of the game, Torres appeared at the press conference with a wound on his forehead.
He told what he experienced and the encounter he had with a Deportivo Cali fan.

“This was a coin thrown at me. A very pretty lady yelled things at me and I told her, ‘oh, such a pretty lady with that tongue…cut it off….I told her’. Then Coins rained down on me and he hit me on the forehead,” said the coach.

You need to improve this. 20 days ago we came here and we had a problem with angry fans. This is a game

He then added: “Another fan came to attack me here in the press conference room, and security reacted. It’s becoming a problem to come play Cali for safety. You have to improve this. 20 days ago we came and had a problem with angry fans. This is a game. We lost the final, and Cali left Ibagué calmly. It’s not our fault that we get the result and people get angry. I feel sorry,” Torres said.

Ask for guarantees

In addition, the Tolima coach demanded arbitration guarantees for the second leg, on February 23 in Ibagué.

“I do ask a favor of those who appoint the referees, a referee who gives us guarantees. Please. There is a character who whistles the final and we lose it. I don’t want to say names. You saw how it went This game, if it’s not about pants, could be more dangerous than it was, for both sides. We need a guaranteed referee, and lines that give us guarantees. I didn’t get involved with the referees again, but please… “, He said.