“Hey PlayStation” voice commands are coming to PS5

As with most smart devices, Sony also updates its consoles from time to time, and the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in some countries are receiving a new beta version. Both will have some improvements, but if something stands out it is the landing of voice commands for the latest model.

Although there are still problems buying the PS5, that does not mean that Sony continues to invest in novelties and functions that make it more interesting. Now the possibility of ordering the PlayStation through voice commands will finally be added.

The implementation is coming with the latest beta version and at the moment only to users in the US and the United Kingdom Kingdom, so it is understood that for now it will be available in English. But the important thing is that you will be able to launch commands with “Hey PlayStation”, just as it is done with some devices with “Ok Google”.

In Engadget they report that through this function you can start games and applications, open the system menu and move around it, control playback… As expected. In addition, at any time it is possible to disconnect it.

This isn’t the only new thing coming to the PS5 with the update. Group chats will be known as parties now and will have the option to mark them as private or public. If they are public, anyone can join them.

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Mono audio will also come to the console to make it easier for the hearing impaired, according to Sony. In addition, you can filter the games by genre and keep 5 on the home screen so that the user has quick access to them.

After the recent launch of this beta version, it is expected that the final update will arrive in a few months. At the moment there is no announced date.