His wife catches him buying a G.I.Joe toy and other users come to the “rescue”

Many of the readers of Hobby Consoles collect one or several things: figures, Funko, video games, consoles, sneakers, letters, restraining orders, whatever comes to mind. If it makes you happy, we will not be the ones to take away your illusion.

But of course, once we put the only ring on the ring finger, the one that does not serve to govern them all, but to be governed For us, things have to strike a balance.

There are couples who are fine with having a spouse who spends some money on their hobby from time to time, but other couples aren’t that cool at all. your boy or girl is “buying toys”.

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That is the case of Muhammad Nazmi, a Malaysian who could not resist buying a figure of Alvin “Breaker” Kinney from GI Joe from Hasbro’s Classified Series.

Everything was going well until the store took a picture of it and shared it on Facebook. The owner of Kuching ToyBitz thanked him for the purchase with a publication, with all his good intentions.

But the comments show those devastating words that everyone who has an “anti-whim” partner she is afraid to read: “Have you bought another toy yet?

Up to this point, the situation has been quite daily, but now is when things become hilarious. After seeing such a familiar situation, random users tried to bail out good old Muhammad Nazmi.

Some tried to pass themselves off as buyers for whom Muhammad would be acting as an intermediary, pretending to celebrate the acquisition of something that “was for them”.

Others chose to highlight the market value of the figure , revalued from the moment of purchase. Some even offered him double for her, although we don’t know if it was a charade for Muhammad to save his skin or if it was a legitimate offer.

Muhammad Nazmi himself shared the situation on Twitter, shuddering at people’s reaction to trying to help him. And the fact is that the Internet is sometimes a wonderful place.

Remember, if you decide to buy the figure of Adam West’s surfing Batman, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR PHOTOS. It is a first figure buyer.