Hollows and rain, the cocktail that ended the lives of two brothers

The brothers David Stiven and Yeiron Miguel Camacho Vanegas did not separate to any. After the death of their parents, they lived in the inherited house and dedicated their lives to driving ambulances. They had been at it for almost eight years.

They were only 29 and 34 years old, and in addition to being dedicated workers, they were loved for their joy and because when someone needed help, they were there, always ready.

His uncle Ernesto Camacho does not understand why the tragedy came back to the family. The boys’ father, an urban bus driver, was murdered by two men, and his mother died of cancer a few years ago. They had overcome these painful episodes and dreamed of having their own apartment, getting ahead and continuing to save lives. Unfortunately, they met their deaths on Sunday, February 6, at around 5:40 in the morning.

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It all happened on Villavicencio Avenue and 60B Street, passing the Perdomo neighborhood. They were run over by the driver of a tractor-trailer who apparently did not realize what had happened and left without helping them. Or at least that’s what family and friends want to believe. They can’t believe that someone would be able to run away after taking the lives, accidentally or not, of two people. “They went for a walk with their cousins ??and friends. They left at 5:40 in the morning. They traveled in caravans on four motorcycles,” Camacho said.

They went to my house, they laughed, they were very happy. This is a tragedy.

At the point of the accident there was a hole. It seems that a blue Spark car braked and they tried to get out to avoid it, but the tractor-trailer was coming and there, in the attempt to get back into the right lane, they touched the car again and the blow put them into under the tires of the tractor. They died immediately,” Camacho said. Added to all this was the rain, which was getting heavier at the time.

The last time their uncle saw them was in Arborizadora Baja, at a motorcycle place they used to frequent. “They went to my house, they laughed, they were very happy. This is a tragedy.”

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The relatives of the victims do not know if the driver of the white tractor mule that ran over the Camacho Vanegas brothers was responsible for the incident, but they did ask him to appear before the authorities and explain what happened. “I’m a taxi driver and I don’t think one goes out into the street to kill, but it’s good to show your face when these things happen,” said Camacho.

The brothers had no wife or children, but many dreams in common within the Ministry of Health, entity for which they worked. “To his family and friends we offer all our solidarity, support, company and strength,” said the entity through a trill.

The sadness that his death aroused was more than felt on Sunday night, when Dozens of friends came to a ‘wake-up’ who could not understand the tragedy. “We cannot believe what happened to them. It is very sad. They were very good.”

For now, people from the Sijin place cameras to establish responsibilities.