Horizon Forbidden West: Are There Romance Options? Replied

In Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has really gone to great lengths to add a ton of new features that really enhance the game while staying true to its core values. Of those additions, many are wondering if there will be Are romance options now available in Horizon Forbidden West? Here’s everything you need to know.

Are there romance options in Horizon Forbidden West?

Unfortunately for Erend/Aloy and Varl/Aloy shippers, Horizon Forbidden West is like Horizon Zero Dawn in the romance department. While there may be some flirty talk here and there, the focus of the conversation never involves romance options.

Most of the main and side quests, and thus the conversations around them, once again revolve around saving the world from the robot dinosaurs that are supposed to protect it. As such, Aloy has little time to focus on romance. Oh well, maybe romance fans will get a shot at a happy ending for her in the next game (third time’s the charm).

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