Horizon Forbidden West at an all-time low on Amazon: the sequel for PS5 and PS4 drops in price a week after launch

Whether you want to believe it or not, we’re only a week away from launch. Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to arrive on February 25th, so right now you have to find a place on the couch, pick up the phones and prepare to play for hours. And now we have an unbeatable opportunity to get hold of the work.

That’s right, the sequel to Guerrilla Games has lowered its price on Amazon and is at its all-time low . The discount is 20% for both versions, both PS4 and PS5, and if we reserve it, the lowest price will be applied before we have it at home if it goes down even more.

  • Horizon Forbidden West for PS5 for 63.99 euros.
  • Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 for 55.99 euros.

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One of the strengths of Horizon Forbidden West is that it will be the last PlayStation game to offer the free upgrade to the new generation, at no cost. In the rest of Sony games, the usual thing will be to pay an extra 10 euros, but here with a copy for PS4 you can play without problems on your PS5 with a reader, if you play in physical format.

The truth is that Guerrilla has not stopped giving us reasons to pay attention to the title. The new cinematic trailer is absolutely spectacular and has served to celebrate that the first installment, Horizon Zero Dawn, has already exceeded 20 million units sold between PS4 and PC.