Horizon Forbidden West details its accessibility options: subtitles, the Notebook, difficulty and more

In a few days, the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will arrive. We are talking about Horizon Forbidden West, one of the great PlayStation exclusives for this year 2022.

It will be next February 18 when Horizon Forbidden West landing in stores, available on PS5 and PS4. We can’t wait to discover Aloy’s new adventures on the shores of California.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, Guerrilla has revealed new accessibility features in Horizon Forbidden West. It will be one of the tabs in the Game Settings menu.

Brian Roberts, lead designer at Guerrilla Games, says many of these options are brand new. Others, on the other hand, have been recovered from the previous game, Horizon Zero Dawn.

We can distinguish several categories of accessibility. Among them, we find control settings, difficulty modes, general settings, assistance menu or visual settings for PS5 and PS4 consoles.

General settingsHorizon Forbidden WestOn the one hand we have the subtitles, adjusted to the language that we have selected at the beginning of the game. We can also change the background, the size of the texts and even the font used. ilizada.

It also highlights the Notebook, an extensive document that details all the movements, combos, enemies, scenarios and tutorials of Forbidden West. You will find any kind of additional information, as well as data on the lore of the Aloy saga.

Difficulty modes
Guerrilla has announced that there are five difficulty modesin Horizon Forbidden West. For example, we have the Story Mode, focused on the narrative and with simpler combat, or the combative Very Hard Mode.

The difficulty of the game can also be modified individually. Through parameters, we can determine how much damage Aloy inflicts, the damage she receives, the difficulty of the enemies, movements and others.

In addition, Guerrilla has added an automatic looting option called Easy Loot. We won’t have to take each defeated machine offline, instead components and materials will be added directly to our inventory.

Command and Controls Configuration

We find the classic control remapping options, like this such as the ability to invert the X and Y axes, left-handed support or modification to press or hold certain ac button tion.

The Co-pilot function has also been added. Basically, this is used to replicate the configuration of one controller to another, and is compatible with both PS5 Dualsense and PS4 DualShock 4.

Something very interesting is the ability to modify the sensitivity of movements. In addition, the PS5 version will allow you to vary the vibration, intensity of haptic functions and more.

Game support

There will be different options to facilitate the gaming experience. For example, the auto aim, chance to increase Aloy’s Concentration time or how long the time lasts bullet when activating the weapon change wheel.

Other possible options are auto sprint, automatic health regeneration (from 50% onwards) or auto landing, when we arrive to a surface after a jump. We can also modify the size and colors of the map markers, as well as the legend and icons.

Visual and sound adjustments

The game interface can be modified, such as deciding if there is a HUD or no Also the background of the subtitles, the camera blur effect or the behavior of the third person view.

As for the sound, we can modify all the parameters (music, ambient sound, screeching of the enemies). There will be a special tab for PS5, in relation to 3D Audio or Dualsense effects.

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┬áThese are the main accessibility features of Horizon Forbidden West. As you can see, there will be options for all tastes, ages and physical situations, so everyone can experience Aloy’s adventure.

Horizon Forbidden West will hit stores next February 18 >, available simultaneously on PS5 and PS4. As a curiosity, you already know that Aloy’s costume is already available for Ghost of Tsushima, and also Aloy and Sylens will arrive in Sackboy: A big adventure in a few days.