Horizon Forbidden West: Examining the Machine Casing

Some players have had issues with the arrow tutorial prologue. We’re here to help you figure out how to advance your name when it comes to examining the machine casing in Horizon Forbidden West.

Examining the machine carcass in Horizon Forbidden West

At the start of Horizon Forbidden West, during the Reach for the Stars quest, you’ll come across a machine corpse riddled with arrows. You need to examine the corpse to start the arrow making tutorial. There has been some confusion around this and some reports of bugs blocking player progression.

With two tests, it doesn’t appear to be a real bug. The interaction indicator can be a bit wonky, but there doesn’t seem to be any issues with it being shown to players. This is where we were when the option to examine the carcass of the machine appeared:

Another possible explanation is that players are rushing to the destination before Varl. Without Varl and standing in almost exactly the same place, the interaction Examine Machine Carcass would flicker and not actually register the triangle being pressed.

That said, players shouldn’t encounter an actual bug, just a small interaction notice behaving strangely. However, since this is the beginning of the game, there is the easy option to restart from a new file. The game also goes a little crazy with autosaves, so you can easily reload from a bit before this to try again if there’s a real problem.

There you have it, everything you need to know for examining the machine casing in Horizon Forbidden West.

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