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The latest PlayStation exclusive from Guerrilla Games has arrived in Horizon Forbidden West. With so much to take in, this Horizon of the Forbidden West Wiki aims to help answer any questions you may have as you play.

Following the story of its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, our red-haired hero ventures into the territory of the Tenakth tribe, the Forbidden West, in an attempt to get to the bottom of a plague killing wildlife, fierce storms that threaten the last remnant of humanity. , and huge new machines appearing all over the world.

It’s an epic adventure, with an open world absolutely chock full of side activities to do and machines to take on with Aloy’s varied and growing arsenal of weapons she acquires on her journey.

Horizon Forbidden West Wiki

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  • Release date: Feb. 18, 2022
  • Developer: Guerrilla Games
  • Publisher:Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4

General information

  • Preload and unlock times, install sizes
  • Review
  • Explanation of graphics modes: performance vs. resolution
  • How long it takes for Horizon Forbidden West to expire

The essentials

  • Saving your game
  • Difficulty change, is there a difficulty trophy?
  • Things to do first in Horizon Forbidden West
  • Breaking Sunken Barriers Underwater
  • How to fast travel

Combat Guides

  • Weapon Techniques Explained
  • Value surges explained
  • Tag enemies and machine parts with their focus
  • Using focus mode and time slowdown

Items and Weapons Guides

  • Using the handle
  • What metal flowers do and how to ‘destroy’ them

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