Horizon Forbidden West: How To Fly And Unlock Sunwing Override

Horizon Forbidden West’s map is quite large, encompassing the territory of the Tenakth tribe and No Man’s Land to the east. While Aloy can use the fast travel system and magazines to cover ground pretty quickly, the ability to unlock the Sunwing override and fly in Horizon Forbidden West is much quicker, and that’s what we will explain in this guide for your convenience.

Unlock Sunwing Override and fly in Horizon Forbidden West

To fly in Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll need to unlock Sungwing Override. This occurs at the start of the ‘Wings of the Ten’ quest, which follows the ‘Gemini’ quest.

Both are right at the end of the main story quest line, so expect to be around the level 30 mark (as this is the recommended level for the Gemini quest). That should give you an idea of ??how far into the game you’ll need to be to reach this.

At the start of the ‘Wings of the Ten’ quest, Aloy will need to create a Sunwing Override in order to continue. This can be done in the Crafting Terminal at your base, where you can also create overrides for other machines.

When creating this, he can dash behind any Sunwing and press and hold Triangle when close to start the override.

After this, he can press Square to climb onto the back of the Sunwing and take to the skies. Fortunately, it turns out that there are some Sunwings perched on his grounds in the mountains, so he won’t have to go far to find some.

Sunwing Flight Controls in Horizon Forbidden West

  • X – Accelerate
  • R1 – Move cursor up
  • R2 – Land/Descent
  • Circle–Brake
  • Square – Dismount

Summoning your Sunwing

After you nullify a Sunwing, you can call it at any time by selecting the Sunwing icon in your quick select menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and then pressing down.

The flying machine will descend and lift Aloy before allowing you to take to the skies and quickly cover ground across the Forbidden West.

That’s all you need to know about flying in Horizon Forbidden West and unlocking the Sunwing override. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki, or check out more of our coverage of the game below.