Horizon Forbidden West: How to use Focus Mode and Slow Time

Now that you’ve headed west with Aloy, the latest from Guerrilla Games will throw all manner of threats at you. Knowing how to take down the machines and humans in Horizon Forbidden West is extremely important, and the focus mechanic will be key to that. If you’re planning to save the world one more time, here’s how to use focus mode and slow down time in Horizon Forbidden West.

Mastering ranged combat in the game will be very important to your survival, whether you’re using Bows, Blastslings, Spike Throwers, and more. However, to ease your time and allow you to aim better, Focus mode will help you tremendously in two ways.

The first is that it slows down time, allowing you to line up the perfect shot. Second, it will get closer than normal, giving you more flexibility in aiming your shot. That could mean taking down a major component or landing that fatal headshot on human enemies.

Using concentration mode and slow down time in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Hold L2 to aim.
  • Press down on the right analog stick/R3 to activate focus mode.
  • Pull back to fire while holding R2 and release to fire.

By making clever use of focus mode, you’ll always deal the most damage strategically, which can keep you out of harm’s way while clearing any obstacles in your way.

That’s all you need to know about how to use focus mode and slow down time in Horizon Forbidden West. For even more tips and tricks on the rest of the game, including how to fast travel, use Valor Surge effectively, or deal with Metal Flowers, be sure to check out our Wiki Guide for the game. There is also related content below that you may enjoy.

If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below so we can answer them.

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