Horizon Forbidden West introduces motion controls for aiming

Aloy’s journey into the Forbidden West has begun. Horizon Forbidden West has already hit stores and some details have started to come to light. Guerrilla Games’ new production includes motion controls when aiming. It uses the gyroscopes of the DualSense and uses the technology in a similar way to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2.

Of course, as Eurogamer points out, the option is not activated by default, so it must be previously enabled in the corresponding menu. Guerrilla Games has implemented numerous features in this regard, providing the ability to tweak the controls to the player’s liking. Should any settings negatively affect gameplay, an on-screen prompt will automatically appear.

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How long is Horizon Forbidden West?

One of the questions players have been asking about the sequel is how long the main campaign will last. In response to this question, director Mathijs de Jonge confirmed that the story as such lasts similar to that of the original game (just over 20 hours according to How long to beat). However, completing the product in its entirety will take longer, so completionists will have to put in more hours, though he hasn’t provided a hard figure. It largely depends on variables such as player skill or difficulty mode.

Not surprisingly, this new installment includes a whole series of accessibility options, which open the doors to configuring the gaming experience. In addition to the difficulty modes, it incorporates a customizable mode.

Horizon Forbidden West has gone on sale for PS4 and PS5. If you want to check how it looks on each platform you can take a look at this comparison.

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