Horizon Forbidden West is updated to version 1.05: patch notes

Guerrilla Games has released Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.05 for PS5 and PS4. Players of the new PlayStation Studios title with Aloy as the protagonist can now download and install this update, which seeks to correct many of the errors reported by the community during the first week of the title on sale; especially the crashes and lockups on missions that prevented progress. Meanwhile, Guerrilla continues to work on visual issues identified by those playing in performance mode.

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.05: Major Changes and Improvements

As the study has explained on the official Horizon Forbidden West page on Reddit, the most common crashes problems have already been solved. Similarly, they explain that there were four missions with the possibility of blocking progress (Reach for the Stars among them) or that they presented errors if we skipped the cinematic.

Another noteworthy aspect of this patch 1.05 of Horizon Forbidden West is that the HDR problems have been solved, for which some images appeared too unbalanced in their color adjustment. All this, added to small inconveniences in performance and cosmetic elements, has been solved with the application of this update.

Known issues pending resolution

Finally, these are the main known bugs that they are working on to apply a solution as soon as possible.

  • The team investigates with high priority the graphical problems reported by the players in relation to the brightness, sharpness and saturation of the screen when moving the camera.
  • Infinite loading screen issues when trying to load in the Melee Pits.
  • Issue where Aloy’s outfit appears blurry in Photo Mode.
  • Issues in main quest “Reach to the Stars” in which Aloy cannot interact with a machine corpse, blocking progression.

Horizon Forbidden West is available exclusively for PS4 and PS5 consoles in physical and digital format. Don’t miss our analysis here and our complete guide at this link.

Font | Guerrilla Games; Reddit