Horizon Forbidden West Leveling Guide: How To Level Up Fast And Max Level Cap Explained

Horizon Forbidden West has arrived, opening up the territory of the Tenakth tribe to the west for Aloy to explore on her quest to save the world once again. Being an action RPG, players can level up Aloy, making her more powerful and earning skill points to unlock different skills in combat, such as weapon techniques and courage boosts. In this Horizon Forbidden West leveling guide we will be reviewing how to level up fast and what is the maximum level limit so you know what What are you looking for to play 100% and win the Platinum trophy.

Leveling up fast in Horizon Forbidden West

  • Complete the main story missionsThe main story missions in Horizon Forbidden West offer large amounts of XP for completing them. This is the best way to level up fast.
  • Take on side questsThere are a lot of different NPCs looking for help throughout the Forbidden West. Any new side quests you can take on are marked on your map and HUD with a green ‘!’. The higher the level requirement, the more XP you will be rewarded for completing the quest.forbidden horizon west level up fast
  • Stay close to the fighting machinesThe open world of Horizon Forbidden West is filled with machines waiting to engage Aloy in a fight. While some of the tougher machines can take you out easily, they’ll earn you thousands of experience points for taking down just one of them.
  • Complete Arena and Hunting Ground ChallengesPartly related to the previous point, the Arena and Hunting Ground challenges force you to take down machines with different requirements or within a time limit. They’ll give you other rewards for completion, but they can make defeating machines a little less repetitive than just fighting them in the open world.
  • Cauldrons and relic ruinsJust about any open world activity you do will reward you with experience in one way or another. Two of the best activities you can complete to help you level up quickly are Cauldrons and Relic Ruins. The former gives you a ton of XP for finding the Cauldron core and often has a tough machine to take down as part of the quest, while the latter are fun traversal and environmental puzzles that serve as a nice change of pace. . Machine fighting gameplay.

What is the max level cap

The maximum level cap in Horizon Forbidden West is currently level 50.

Upon reaching the maximum level cap, you will unlock the silver “Reached Player Level 50” trophy. At the time of this writing, it is not possible to level up beyond this.

That’s all you need to know about Horizon Forbidden West Leveling. For more tips and tricks, head over to our wiki or check out more of our coverage below.

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