Horizon Forbidden West shares the first video running on a base PS4

Horizon Forbidden West has shared a new fragment in which the PS4 version is the protagonist. In 22 seconds of video we can see Aloy walking around the stage. Judging by the footage, the graphic quality is quite high for hardware that will be on the market for 10 years in 2023.

This preview occurs just a few weeks after seeing the PS4 Pro version. On that occasion it was published the same day they confirmed that the title had passed the Gold barrier, that is, , which had officially concluded its development.

Angie Smets, producer of the title, assured in an entry to the PlayStation blog the confidence that Guerrilla has with both versions. Regardless of whether it is played on PS4 or PS5, users will be able to “enjoy the best experience on each platform.”

Michelle Jenner returns as Aloy

The actress confirmed her return playing her character in the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. “It has been a real pleasure to put myself in Aloy’s shoes again”, declares Michelle Jenner at the beginning of the trailer in the Spanish version. “Thank you very much for all your messages of support and affection, truly, I have always been very grateful to you.”

Remember that Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to launch on the market next February 18 on PS5 and PS4. If you have it reserved in digital format through the PS Store you can start the preload from the 11th. Of course, you will have to free up at least 96.35 GB on your hard drive. We are getting closer to seeing one of the main PlayStation workhorses for this 2022.

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