Horizon Forbidden West, video-analysis. A new great adventure with Aloy

Five years after the birth of a new great IP such as Horizon Zero Dawn, its long-awaited sequel arrives, which represents a leap in quality to raise the work to a new level and meet the maximum to be more and better. It will be next February 18 when it lands exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS5, but we have already spent many hours in the Forbidden West fighting imposing machines and unraveling ancient mysteries.

Video analysis of Horizon Forbidden West

In the video that accompanies this piece you can see and hear a summary of everything that we propose in the complete analysis of this long-awaited work created by Guerrilla Games. Although it is true that it is a continuationist, it is not something necessarily negative in a sequel focused on improving each and every one of the sections of the original. Gameplay, history, characters, world construction… and multiply the possibilities we have as players to have a well of hours in which to lose ourselves. For all this we have enjoyed it a lot and it has surprised us for the better, adding to all this the fact of arriving for the new generation of PlayStation consoles and thus using all the next-gen functions that PS5 provides: 4K and 60 fps, all that goes with DualSense and so on.

In definitely, Horizon Forbidden West is presented as one of the great games of the year. The sequel to the work of Guerrilla Games is more and better than the original and thus presents us with a much more complex adventure than the one we lived with Aloy in 2017. Essential for those who played the original and a great discovery for those looking to embark on a great journey with an unforgettable heroine. You already know: on the 18th you have an appointment at PlayStation.