Horizon Forbidden West: What Pod Number to Enter in the SOS Facility (Spoilers)

Approximately halfway through the Horizon Forbidden West story, you will receive an SOS message at your base. Revealing the coordinates, Aloy sets off to try and search for the source of the SOS signal, eventually finding a base. Inside, you’ll need to enter a Horizon Forbidden West Pod Number into the SOS facility to continue the story, and in this guide, we’ll explain exactly what that number is and how you can find out for yourself. .

We should note here that the facility you are addressing is not actually called the ‘SOS Facility’. We only refer to him that way to avoid spoilers. The ‘SOS’ part simply refers to the fact that it was a distress message that takes you to the location that started the SOS.

What pod number to enter at the SOS facility in Horizon Forbidden West

The pod number to log into the system is 237.

This is revealed in the opening cutscene and can also be verified by pressing the touchpad to bring up the various in-game menus and then tabbing to Notebook. In the ‘Data Points’ section, go to ‘Text Data Points – Missions’ and look for the Distress Signal message. Within the content, you will find the number ‘237’ in the list.

Entering 237 at the terminal will trigger a cutscene, continuing the main story quest. We are not going to share any specific details about the source of the signal or the nature of the installation itself. That’s for you to enjoy as part of the Horizon Forbidden West experience.

All we’ll say is set up for a tough battle after the cutscene is complete. There are plenty of consumables and hiding spots scattered around the room, so use them to heal yourself and create powerful ammo to make the fight a little easier.

That’s all you need to know about what capsule number you need to enter at the ‘SOS facility’ at Horizon Forbidden West. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our wiki, or check out more of our coverage of the game below.