Horizon Forbidden West will be updated to fix visual issues

Guerrilla Games will publish a new patch for Horizon Forbidden West in the coming days with the aim of fixing some visual problems. The PlayStation Studios title, available since February 18 on PS5 and PS4 consoles, has been a critical success; but as usual, it has not come without minor bugs and errors that will be solved eventually.

Guerrilla Games’ own community team has informed players on Reddit of this upcoming update, which is top priority right now at the department’s offices of support because it is a very sensitive inconvenience at sight for those who play —especially— in Performance Mode.

Horizon Forbidden West will receive patches to solve any problems that may appear

In particular, users of Horizon Forbidden West seem annoyed by some glitches in textures, HDR contrast, and the apparently unbalanced color gamut. Also in the audio mix. In the Spanish version, some dialogues sound unbalanced in volume compared to the surrounding sound. Little by little everything will be solved.

“The team is working hard to resolve these high priority issues and trying to get an update out as soon as possible,” says Guerrilla Games, while appreciating the feedback from the community. community. “We understand the frustrations and appreciate your patience”, they finish.

Fortunately, these are minor issues that do not affect progress in the adventure or compromise the progress of the players.

Horizon Forbidden West, for sale only on PS5 and PS4

Horizon Forbidden West is now available exclusively for PS4 and PS5 consoles in physical and digital format. We are facing one of the great launches of 2022; among the best rated games of the year. You can read our analysis here and consult our complete guide at this link.

Font | Reddit; via PlayStation Lifestyle