Horizon Zero Dawn updates its sales figures and confirms its success

Horizon Zero Dawn became one of the most acclaimed video games on PS4 as soon as it arrived back in 2017. The action sandbox by Guerrilla Games sold well pace, although we had not known their sales data exactly for a while. However, taking advantage of the imminent launch of the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, it was Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, who wanted to claim the success of the title: nothing more and nothing less than more than 20 million copies sold between PS4 and PC, a version that arrived in the summer of 2020. On the sidelines, Hulst has also confirmed that users have dedicated more than 1,000 million hours to the game.

One of the most loved on PS4

After a journey of more than 10 years at the forefront of the Killzone saga on PS2, PS3, PS Vita and PS4, Guerrilla Games decided to change the third with an action sandbox starring all kinds of of mechanical creatures. Since its arrival, the title has enjoyed a great reception by both players and critics. In our review, we said that “Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most rounded games that can be found today in the increasingly common open world formula.” You can read the full analysis at this link.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PS4 and PC via Steam. In addition, the title received new generation improvements for PS5, a console on which it is also compatible. For its part, Horizon Forbidden West will go on sale next February 18 on PS5 and PS4. Here are some interesting links about Aloy’s new and long-awaited adventure.

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