Horror adventure Martha Is Dead is a victim of censorship on PlayStation consoles

The truth is that these types of cases are not at all frequent in the video game industry, at least in the public eye. From its first presentation, the developer LKA, responsible for The Town of Light, insisted that its new adventure would include very unpleasant and terrifying moments for Players. And unfortunately Martha Is Dead will no longer be the work that she intended to be .

I repeat, the case that I am going to comment on below seems quite strange to me, and it seems amazing to me that Sony has chosen this route. The thing is that Martha Is Dead will arrive censored on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Why? I’ll explain that below.

Why will there be censorship on Martha Is Dead?

  • Wired Productions, publisher of Martha Is Dead, shared an official statement a few hours ago announcing that the version for PlayStation consoles “will be modified”?
  • Apparently, Sony asked the developers toremove some gameplay sections that included unpleasant and uncomfortable scenes that could distress many users?
  • Because of this, LKA needs a little more time to tweak the game, although the digital release will not be affected. For its part, the physical edition has been delayed indefinitely (but will continue to include the same incentives)?
  • Finally, it was confirmed that the Xbox and PC versions will not undergo any modifications, it will be the video game that LKA always wanted to make?

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Honestly, this topic makes me quite sad, because PlayStation players will no longer be able to play the real Martha Is Dead, but a censored and modified version that has lost its original essence. The game will be released on the 24th February, and now I’m curious to see how unpleasant those scenes would be for Sony to have made such a decision. A pity the truth.