How are the companies in Bogotá, according to a large survey with the business community

99.3 percent of the companies in Bogotá are micro, small and medium-sized companies and only 0.7 percent are large companies. This is revealed by the Great Survey of the business community of Bogotá and the Region presented on Tuesday morning by the city’s Chamber of Commerce

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The survey consulted 2,300 companies, including formal and informal and the results will be presented this Tuesday in a panel at the entity’s Chapinero headquarters and will be broadcast through at 9 :00 AM m.

The event will be attended by the executive president of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, Nicolás Uribe; Ana Fernanda Maiguashca, president of the Private Competitiveness Council; the director of Dane, Juan Daniel Oviedo, and Pablo Lemoine, director of innovation at the National Consulting Center.

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Of all the companies in the capital and the region, 93 percent are micro-businesses. The formal ones generate between one and three jobs and the informal ones one.

Furthermore, 70 percent were created in the last 5 years and 36 percent in the last two years, from covid-19 pandemic.

The survey also reveals that 92 percent of companies with commercial registration consider that they are a formal business, 95 percent define themselves as entrepreneurs and 78 percent percent as entrepreneurs.

The survey also shows that 75 percent of factories, premises and homes without commercial registration self-identify as formal, 96 percent consider themselves entrepreneurs and 53 percent businessmen.