How can a podcast help you learn English?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced in the English language. There is a range of podcasts for all tastes and needs. The Mosalingua platform -specialized in offering language learning tools- highlighted several of these spaces that can be useful for people interested in this learning.

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You can learn English by listening to podcasts, there are even some focused on topics that may also be of particular interest to readers such as travel, cooking, personal development or sports.

The idea is to dedicate some time to it, it could be a while, every day to listen to the chosen podcast, even if you are doing some other task (such as exercising or going by public transport, for example). The progress depends on each person, but this type of resource is a good tool to improve the level of oral comprehension and pronunciation in this language.

The advice given by the platform is to listen to each episode several times, without worrying about not understanding much of it, because the idea is to become familiar with the language and it will help to review new vocabulary and expressions.

Therefore, it is suggested to write down these expressions that are new to the listener, to remember them by relying on repetitions.

In one of his articles, Mosalingua highlighted some podcasts that may be useful. In addition, their access is easy: they are found on platforms such as Itunes, Tunein, Spotify or iVoox, among others.

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For basic English level

English teacher John

Indicates that people from more than 69 countries follow his lessons designed for beginners, with a basic vocabulary. It has the audio transcripts of each of the more than 70 episodes so that the public can hear and, at the same time, read its content and recognize words to improve pronunciation or writing. For this reason, the suggestion is to listen to the audio several times and then compare it with the transcript.

Podcast in english
(On Ivoox)

There are numerous podcasts on the Ivoox website, made by people from different English-speaking countries, so it is possible to explore different accents. They also have downloadable transcripts and exercises. The levels of these vary. The user must choose the one that best suits their level.

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Better at English
?(Available on Spotify, IVoox, Apple Podcast and on the web)
Episodes of no more than 10 minutes, designed for beginners, with the aim of expanding their vocabulary. It has the valuable transcripts.

English friends
(Spotify, IVoox, web)
The promise is to help learn the English that is needed for life, from the hand of Phillip & Isabel, an Englishman and a Spanish woman, who speak slowly about everyday topics such as music, restaurants and more.

Intermediate level

English Learning for Curious Minds
(Apple podcast, Spotify, IVoox, web)

The true story of the Peaky Blinders, a band that inspired the famous series of the same name, or the future of the English monarchy or the strange history of Elvis Presley are part of the varied topics of this podcast for intermediate and advanced learners. Its creator produces two new episodes per week.

ESL Pod (English as a Second Language)<br
It is found on Spotify, iVoox, Apple Podcast and web.

This podcast also has a complementary blog with extra tools to facilitate learning.

Elementary Podcast
On Spotify, iVoox, Apple Podcast and web.
This is a joint offer of 50 free podcasts, promoted by the British Council. Each chapter is associated with exercises in PDF, in addition to other web resources with a view to improving grammar and vocabulary. It even has a section -Fun & Games- that helps learning from games.

Voice of America Podcast (VOA)
It’s on Apple Podcast and web.

This podcast focuses on current events, the news of the day narrated in a simple vocabulary and at a pace that facilitates learning.

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Breaking News English
(iVoox and web)
Another offer that offers the news of the day to the It helps to learn the language. To the podcast in MP3 format, add the transcripts and related exercises. Mosalingua adds that “you can listen to the same news at different levels of difficulty.”

Six minute English BBC</b
(Web, spotify, iVoox, Apple Podcast)

Free podcasts in British accent, with corresponding transcriptions and downloadable exercises, created by the BBC. However, it is not the only offer of this chain, there is also Grammar Challenge.

Luke English Podcast
(Spotify, iVoox, Apple Podcast, web).

Luke is an English teacher who also has his own app that complements the episodes and the transcripts of what he says in them.

Advanced level

Learn out loud

They are not necessarily podcasts to learn English, but productions in that language that address different themes and have guest personalities. According to the Mosalingua article: “any podcast in English that deals with a topic that interests you can help you improve your level”.

English pronunciation pod

This focuses, as its name implies, on the pronunciation. A New York accent teacher proposes practical exercises to improve this aspect.

Effortless English Podcast

Useful learning tips and lessons. Although with many ads.

Business English Pod

Focused on Business English. It offers advice and useful communication techniques in the world of work.

English With Dane

Dane, an English teacher, seeks to expand the vocabulary and familiarize the public with expressions in their language while talking about cultural topics such as television, cinema or history.