How is the Safe Mode that Twitter is deploying and that affects you even if you do not activate it

In September of last year we began to discover what the Safe Mode is like with which Twitter wants its social network to become a less aggressive space. Now it has begun to offer this function in some English-speaking countries in such a way that it will surely soon reach the rest as well.

To understand what it is, nothing better than going to the Twitter website. Although it is not available, they already explain it clearly. The social network “looks for potentially abusive or spammy behavior, such as harmful language, negative and repetitive responses, and unsolicited mentions. Twitter flags such accounts and automatically blocks them from responding to your Tweets.”

This is not set by default. When available, users will be able to activate it from their account settings, but it will also be offered “from the proactive notice Twitter sends out when we detect that multiple Tweets you’re receiving seem to generate unwanted attention or interactions. “.

Accounts that Twitter thinks should be blocked by whoever checks this option will remain blocked for at least 7 days. It’s not definitive.

This time we’re not talking about a feature that’s going to take a long time to arrive. A large rollout has been announced in countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, according to Engadget.

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Accounts that the user follows or interacts with regularly will not be blocked, but the rest can fall into this limbo. Furthermore, any user who has a dispute or behavior that the algorithm rates as improper. This implies that Twitter will scan all users for this purpose.

In the end, on Twitter they want to reduce the hatred and verbal violence that exists in the social network, that’s why they are going to activate this and other options, to try to make it a more pleasant environment .