How to apply the SCRUM method to an omnichannel strategy?

The SCRUM method is part of a project management strategy based on agile methodologies, ideal for areas where there is some uncertainty and it is necessary to quickly overcome unforeseen events. With the rise of omnichannel business strategies, it is interesting to know what this method can bring us. Next we analyze the advantages of the SCRUM method and how to apply it to omnichannel strategies.

The SCRUM method: what is it and what are its advantages?

There are projects with a very specific period of time to achieve a specific objective. In these types of projects, quite a few last minute changes can arise and the project objectives may need to be constantly reformulated to adapt to unforeseen events. The SCRUM method can be used to organize projects, both specific and more general. The points that identify the SCRUM method are:

  • Organization of the workflow in sprints or cycles of determined duration.
  • Run away from linear organizations of project development.
  • Clear division of roles: who is in charge of what in each team?
  • Specific deadlines.
  • Have the tools that answer the question: how do we do it?
  • Daily meetings to share progress or possible incidents.

Can the SCRUM method be applied to omnichannel strategy?

Current marketing strategies are moving towards personalizing the user experience. At this point, companies must ensure their presence in different types of channels and thus be able to reach a greater number of customers and in a more personalized way. Communication channels range from physical establishments to mobile support applications, without forgetting social networks.

The main advantage of omnichannel is that it generates a greater return and the feeling that it is the customer who chooses at will, by creating a more tailored need.

The SCRUM method fits perfectly with the omnichannel that is demanded today, especially in the digital world. Thanks to the application of an agile method, we will be able to adapt quickly to the client’s needs using the information that comes to us through different channels.

An omnichannel strategy gives us relevant information that we can integrate into the SCRUM methodology to redefine the marketing plan, some objectives or even the entire strategy.

Keys to an omnichannel SCRUM method

Once a SCRUM production and work flow has been implemented, the short deadlines set by each team in each sprint allow you to achieve a broader goal. Specific work teams can be assigned to each communication channel with the client, establishing daily meetings that maintain brand coherence among all.

Definition of objectives

It is important to define the objectives so that the strategy can be successful and effective. The client guides all the actions of the plan and gives coherence to the actions of all the channels. The objective to follow is for the customer to experience a unique and personalized purchase or use of the service.

Specification of the target

The target must be well defined, in the same way that the objective is. Perhaps, once the life of the project progresses, and especially if factors such as seasonality may affect it, this target audience will have to be redefined. Thanks to the SCRUM method it will be possible to do it quickly and easily. An efficient commercial strategy must be able to generate strategies adapted to each channel and target customer.

Attention to customer needs

The client has to feel that their needs are being answered. To do this, you need to collect information about it and thus be able to segment your database. A business strategy in which the relationship is business to business or another that is defined as business to client will be different.

Immediacy in response

Customers are going to demand quick responses in all the channels that we have opened, whether they are apps, social networks, website, blog… Despite this, it is true that faster speed is expected in some than in others. Think that a late reply can undermine your reputation.

Following an omnichannel strategy brings great benefits to companies. The user experience is increasingly personalized during the process of purchasing or using a service. The SCRUM method can ensure that the omnichannel strategy is valid and is reviewed by incorporating the actual results data against the plan and objectives.

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