How to clean your air fryer and get the toughest gunk out of it

The air fryer is an appliance that has become fashionable and cannot be missing from the kitchen. Eating healthier and with less oil has boosted sales of this culinary tool. Although it was advertised for making French fries, any kind of food can be prepared.

Sometimes when putting food with not high fat, people often use a little bit of oil. At the end of cooking, it is logical that there is some dirtthat will be difficult to remove if the basket is not washed immediately, something that can happen to all of us.

So that it does not happen hours trying to remove the grime and don’t damage your fryer in the process. We tell you what are the best and easiest ways to wash it.

Conventional form

First is the form conventional. It is recommended that you wait for the basket to cool down a bit before washing with the sponge and soap. If necessary, and the bottom resistance cannot be removed, you can use a brush with soft bristles or medium hardness to remove food remains.

It is important that you do not use a steel bristle brush so that it does not damage the Teflon of your fryer.

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This appliance tends to accumulate bad odors and dirt not only in the basket, but also inside the appliance. Therefore, it is convenient from time to time to place a glass with water with lemon, vinegar or if you want just soap with water. With the mixture inside, you should turn on the fryer as usual and let it run for a few minutes.

The steam will help remove all the dirt inside. Finally, unplug the machine and when it is cold wipe it with a dry cloth to finish cleaning.

In the In recent weeks, the quick way to clean the air fryer has gone viral on TikTok. This consists of placing water with kitchen soap in the basket. The idea is that it is put to work for about ten minutes at a high temperature, so that the remains of food are dissolved.

When finished, you only need to remove the basket and wash it with Water. And voila, your Airfryer is clean and ready to use again. It is always advisable to remove the heating element from the bottom and wash it so that there are no large pieces of food on the bottom.

Cleaning Deep

It’s not a quick way to clean it, but it will make sure it looks like new. As always, before starting, make sure it is cold so that it does not burn.

You must remove the basket and submerge it in a large container with hot water and degreasing detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes so the liquids can soften the dirt. When the dirt is softer, remove it with a soft brush and water.

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If you have a plastic scraper , it could remove all the grease and residue more easily. With the same degreaser and the fryer unplugged, you can wipe down any dirt.

You can also use a damp kitchen paper to clean the outside of your appliance. If your fryer is stainless steel, you can use a special liquid to make it shine.

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