How to decorate a blue children’s room? | Interesting to read

The blue palette is a trend to decorate a children’s room. Here we give you ideas of materials, objects and furniture to decorate a blue children’s room.

Blue on the walls to set the tone for the decoration

The painting of the walls sets the tone of the room, but it is not about painting the entire room blue, since it would be very ornate. So how do you use wall paint to create a blue kid’s room? What are the different shades of blue to bring originality to this room?

Blue night to sleep under the stars

Painting a single wall in night blue in contrast to the rest of the room, which would go in off-white or very pale blue, will bring a very elegant air to the room. Your child will have the feeling of being in heaven, and if you also stick some phosphorescent stickers, you will transport him directly to a dream world. If you choose to paint a night blue wall, give priority to lighter tones for furniture and decorative objects. How to give a second life to your candles.

Light blue or sky blue for a calm room

Combined with white, light blue is a relaxing colour, ideal for a baby’s room, but also for a boy or a girl. This color combines easily with other pastel tones and, if you want to achieve a timeless children’s room, white furniture will be perfect. Finish off the decor by adding a pearl gray lamp, light wood shelves and a navy blue rug.

Cyan or aquamarine blue for a room full of vitality

This type of light and luminous blue will immediately bring joy to the children’s room. As with midnight blue, you can paint a single panel of the wall in cyan blue so as not to overload the room. Furniture made of natural wood or painted white will be perfect to highlight the luminosity of that blue.

What furniture to choose for a blue children’s room?

Taking care of the decoration implies choosing the furniture carefully and, in the case of the children’s room, it must be functional, evolutionary and aesthetic at the same time. If you have opted for a blue children’s room, you should choose your furniture accordingly.

The bed: essential in the children’s room

Does your child no longer fit in his crib? The time has come to buy him a children’s bed . To pass this stage with complete peace of mind, staying in the blue tones of the room, we recommend choosing a white or pastel bed and personalizing it with (according to your preference):

  • A blue cotton bedding set;
  • blue cotton cushions;
  • a light blue canopy;
  • a blue cotton children’s rug;
  • a midnight blue nightstand.

The children’s bookcase and the children’s armchair for a relaxing reading corner

It is essential to develop children’s taste for reading from an early age. For this, a children’s bookstore is essential to place their favorite works, which they will read during long moments of tranquility. The children’s bookcase should be placed next to a children’s chair or a fairly comfortable mattress. In a blue children’s room, a gray night blue bookcase can be combined with an armchair in a lighter shade, or vice versa.

The wardrobe: a piece of furniture that sets the tone

The children’s wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture to store clothes or even toys and must be large enough to last for several years. With one or two doors, with or without drawers, the white children’s wardrobe will provide a timeless look and will integrate with all styles, even in a blue children’s room.

The children’s desk for study moments

Like the reading corner, the work space should be comfortable so that your child can learn to work calmly and efficiently. Sitting at your children’s desk , you can order all your things and learn to be autonomous in your work. The desk can be made of raw wood or painted light blue, teal or navy blue, depending on how the rest of the child’s room is decorated. If you go for a white children’s desk, don’t hesitate to combine it with a colorful desk chair and a blue lamp that matches the main color of the room.

Blue sneaks into decoration objects

To decorate a blue children’s room you can simply resort to carefully selected decorative objects. From the floor to the ceiling and through the walls, we give you some decorative ideas for a blue children’s room.

floor to ceiling blue

Ceiling lamp, ceiling lamp or wall lamp: whatever type of lighting you choose for the room, blue will prevail on the ceiling to add an original decoration element. Mobiles with blue notes can also be easily attached and removed.

For the floor, Maisons du Monde offers you a wide range of rugs of various sizes and shapes in shades of blue. Plain or graphic, the blue touches can be more or less pronounced depending on your child’s tastes.

Small decoration objects that make the difference

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance in your decoration, choose each object so that it integrates perfectly into your blue children’s room. Small details are usually what make the difference, so we suggest some objects to place with care on small shelves or in the children’s bookcase:

  • A night light;
  • a piggy bank;
  • a music box;
  • a jeweler;
  • a balloon;
  • blue tone posters

The decoration of the blue children’s room will be wonderful if you balance the tones and intensity of blue between the paint, the furniture and the decorative objects.

For a girl’s or boy’s room, there is no doubt that blue is a color that goes with everything, and, with these our tips, decorating a blue children’s room will be the most fun.