How to do the triple jump of Super Mario 64 in Dying Light 2

The development team behind Dying Light 2 has put a lot of effort into this second installment, not only with careful graphics, and the interesting narrative, but also because of the enormous number of things we can do and the easter eggs that we have distributed .

However, these Easter eggs are about external licenses, in your case we have already seen one from Resident Evil, but we also have one about Super Mario in the form of an object such as common slippers that will allow us to perform a triple jump.

So we are going to show you exactly how to get the Super Mario shoes in Dying Light 2, since in addition to making a nod to the classic Nintendo license , they will also allow us to perform a triple jump.

How to do the triple jump of Super Mario 64 in Dying Light 2

In order to get these interesting shoes from Super Mario, we must reach the second half of the game.

Specifically the shoes or zapa tillas are located in the eastern part of the map, in a new area that will end up being unlocked as the narrative progresses.

Basically we must reach the location called Lower Dam Ayre that is Peacekeeper territory, and access one of the containers hanging from one of the cranes.

You have to go to those containers on the edge of this area, to the east, and basically find one of them has a door that we must open with the lockpick to enter its interior.

Once we enter the interior of In this container, what we must do is lie down on the bed for approximately 30 seconds, and we will see that a box with the Super Mario shoes will end up appearing on the table to our right.

Once that we equip ourselves with these shoes called “It’s me… Marian” from Super Mario, we will be able to perform the triple jump as soon as we have them equipped.

Although performing the triple jump by our character is somewhat ridiculous, the truth is that it is a a good nod to Super Mario and that you will surely use on more than one occasion.

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