How to get customers through deep learning

A few years ago, marketing automation was based on automating certain repetitive and unproductive marketing tasks. Today, thanks to machine learning and deep learning, it is possible to analyze the behavior of potential customers to send them highly personalized communications. In this article we want to tell you how to get customers through deep learning through 3 key points: hyperpersonalization, customer retention and analysis of customer behavior.

3 keys on how to get customers through deep learning

In 2019, an investment of 5.5 billion dollars is expected in the industry that involves machine learning. And it is not surprising, since 91% of large marketing companies already have strategies based on artificial intelligence in their campaigns . Next we will analyze 3 keys on how to get clients through deep learning:


The term “personalization” falls short when we include it in the deep learning environment. The intention is to learn how to get clients through hyper-personalization . That is, to go further in terms of communications with the customer and define the messages based on their history of interactions, their purchasing habits , their different behaviors and their digital preferences … As well as in the most appropriate channels in each At the moment, without forgetting, however, the strength of predictive models : deep learning is capable of predicting customer intentions, creating patterns based on historical data.

With hyper-personalization, therefore, on the one hand, a thorough study of the customer’s habits is achieved and, on the other, generating great trust in the customer , since the environment of the average user is so digitized that they do not expect anything other than personalization in the communications you receive.

Client retention

Marketing departments sometimes go to great lengths to attract new customers but forget one very important aspect: customer retention . In fact, attracting new customers is 6 times more expensive than maintaining an existing one.

So much so that increasing customer retention by 5% translates into a 75% profitability for the company . Thus, getting the right message to the right person at the right time is key to recapture that customer, perhaps asleep, and reactivate him.

Customer behavior analysis

How to get clients through the analysis of their behaviors ? The deep learning and prescriptive analysis allow us to analyze customer data in depth and use that information to predict future behavior. It is now possible to determine when a customer will make their next purchase, at what time they are most likely to buy, with what type of promotion they are most likely to buy and, in general, who are the most valuable customers in a database.

How to get customers through artificial intelligence? Thanks to a deep understanding of customer behaviors, appropriate campaigns focused on customer retention and hyper-personalization of communications based on deep learning, it is possible to improve conversions. At Cognodata we are experts making the most of the possibilities of deep learning to make these solutions available to companies, with specialized technological solutions for each sector.

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