How to give a second life to your candles | Interesting to read

We love candles as they help us create warm and welcoming spaces. This year, we have created a solidarity candle to support the ANAR Foundation. 100% of the profits from the purchase will go to their foster home project to provide comfort and warmth to the children who need it most. It is a solidarity and eco-responsible action, since the candle is made with vegetable wax and its container is made of recycled glass. For this reason, we leave you some tips to reuse the candle containers once they have been consumed. Upcycling is a recycling technique in which materials or products that are no longer used are transformed to have a new life, which has a real positive impact on the environment. Follow our tips to give your candles a second life.

How to wash the candle

If you want to reuse the jar or wax, you must be careful not to damage them. We leave you 2 simple and effective techniques to empty the container of a candle.

First option: with boiling water


Boil some water and let it cool for a few minutes so the candle jar doesn’t break. Next, pour the water into the container and leave it for an hour until the wax has come off. When the wax begins to float, the jar is clean. You can throw away the wax once it has cooled, or if you want to reuse it, you can put it in a bag. After draining the water from the candle jar, grab some kitchen paper to clean it. How to decorate a blue children’s room?

Second option: in the freezer

restored candles

If the wick is not attached and there is still some wax in the mason jar, simply place the candle in the freezer and wait for the wax to shrink and peel off the edges. It should be ready in about an hour, as it will be loose and easy to remove. Next, take the candle out of the freezer. If any wax remains, use a flat knife to remove the residue. Do you already know what you are going to do with the jars once you have emptied and cleaned them? We have several ideas to inspire you!



Our upcycling ideas for candle jars

A special pot for your favorite plant

Some candles are perfect to transform into pots. They will add a colorful and decorative touch to your home, so don’t hesitate to reuse your empty candle jars by placing a plant or dried flowers inside. You can put these ornaments as a centerpiece, on a dresser, or on a desk. They will add an instant green touch to your interior!

Stylish and practical storage

Lidded candles are becoming more and more common and are quite practical. You can put your condiments, rice, pasta, etc. and close them with the lid, but make sure it is airtight for hygiene reasons. If this is not the case, you can put anything you want to have close at hand: thumbtacks, keys, pencils, pins… It will give it a lot of style, right? You can also reuse candle jars as candy or cake boxes. Just add some cute decorative labels and put your favorite candies on them.

a unique mug

What could be more practical than a mug to drink hot chocolate, coffee or tea on winter afternoons? You can leave the container as it is or decorate it with paint, colored paper, ribbons, drawings… Power your imagination!

A new candle for an infinite life cycle

You can of course reuse the container for a new candle. This is an activity that you can do by yourself, with your friends or your family. It doesn’t require a lot of material: for a 100% eco-responsible candle, choose vegetable wax, wicks, essential oils for the fragrance and your container. Start by putting the wick in the jar, then melt the wax in a bain-marie and add the essential oils. Pour the wax into the container and wait 3-4 hours for it to cool down. You will have a beautiful candle ready to use.

table decoration

Are you looking for a new decoration for your tables, your desk or your shelves? Take your old candles and fill them with sand and seashells for a beachy vibe, a string of LED lights for romantic evenings, keepsake photos for dinner with family or friends, and even glitter for a night out! The possibilities are endless and you can recycle them according to your needs.

Now you have it easy to recycle your candles. To incorporate a responsible vision in your daily life, you can adopt upcycling for all kinds of objects: fabrics, clothes, jewellery, decorations… you decide! It is also an opportunity to create unique objects, so think about giving your products a second life.