How to hang a TV on the wall? Step by Step Guide

 hang a TV on the wall

Thinking about how to hang a TV on the wall? We explain it all to you in 6 easy steps with some extra tips and tricks.

We are sure that you already know where you are going to place your new flat screen television, but there is a long way to go from saying it to doing it and if you have arrived here it is because you are not sure how to hang a television on the wall, but that is what we are here for! Aim because this is all you will need: Know more about ifixit stores in United States.

List of materials, tools and data:

  • Measurements and weight of the TV
  • Support format and measurements.
  • Spirit level or smartphone
  • Meter of 3m or more.
  • Pencil
  • Hammer, hammer, impact or combination drill
  • Drill bit for concrete or masonry
  • Drill bit or screwdriver
  • Screws and plugs (if the support does not bring them)
  • A friend and/or relative

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Measure how high and where the TV should be

If you want to avoid neck pain and enjoy every inch of your television in the best possible way. Read carefully what we are going to tell you.

Before choosing the wall on which you want to hang the television. It is important that you think about: do you have plugs close enough? Does the Wi-Fi or Internet cable reach well? is it near a radiator or fireplace? Do pipes or cables pass through that site? is it a wall or partition? Think carefully about all these questions to make sure that you really are hanging the television in the right place. Trusted and relieable ifixit store near me in USA.

f you already have it totally clear. It is time to calculate at what height the television has to be to watch it in the most correct and comfortable way possible.

  1. Sit on the main chair, sofa, or spot from which you go to watch TV.
  2. Center yourself as much as possible and put yourself in a relaxed and comfortable position. (as if you were preparing for a marathon of the new season of your favorite series)
  3. Ask someone to measure from the ground to about eye level and write down this measurement.
  4. Also ask him to draw a straight line with the meter from where you are, to the wall. Trying to make the line of sight as straight as possible. Once on the wall where you want to hang the TV. Make a sign (this will be the center of the TV).
  5. Taking into account the signal you just marked, draw a line from the ground to the total height of the eyes (the one we measured in step 3) and make a point on the wall (this will be the height of the center of the TV) .

You already have it all! Now you know where to place the TV so that it is in line with your field of vision and at the correct height for your eyes so that your neck does not hurt.

Selecting a suitable mount for the television

Whether you have already chosen a bracket or if you are about to do so (you can find very cheap TV wall brackets on our website), it is very important that you take a good look at its characteristics because not all brackets are suitable for all televisions, so pay attention or this could end in tragedy.

  1. See if the television you want to hang is compatible with the VESA standard (in general, 99% of current televisions are) but for older ones they might not be, so we will have to look for a “VESA adapter”.
  2. Look in the technical characteristics how many kilos your television weighs without the support, this will be decisive when choosing the type and size of the support.
  3. Choose a suitable support for the size and weight of your television, there are many types: fixed, adjustable, arm, ceiling, floor and even mechanized television supports.

Take the support and mark all the places before drilling

We have already decided on the wall, the support and the place, it is time to get down to work! Do you remember that point that we marked on the wall where both the line of sight and the height of the eyes coincide? Well, that will be the center of our support. For this task you will need a person to help you at all times.

  1. Place the support part that we will screw later on the wall, try to make the point that we had marked before be as centered as possible and hold the position.
  2. Ask someone, with a laser level or with the Bubble Level APP for your smartphone, to make sure that the support is completely straight and holds the position.
  3. With the help of that person, mark the holes where we will later drill the wall. You can now stop holding the frame against the wall.

Drill the wall and hang the TV stand

Now yes, we have all the marks we need, are you ready to drill the wall ? From here there is no turning back, be clear about the place or you will have to buy a painting to cover the holes.

  1. Take a drill (hammer, hammer or impact) and put a concrete or masonry bit in it. The size of the drill will have to coincide with the holes of the support or, failing that, with the screws and/or the plugs that it comes with (the mm of the size of the drill must be the same as those of the plug, and the plug about 1 or 2 mm larger than the width of the screw)
  2. Drill the marks on the wall that we had previously made and insert the plugs until they are flush with the wall.
  3. Once the holes are ready, it’s time to fix the TV bracket to the wall with the screws (use the drill with a special screw bit or a simple screwdriver).

Screw the bracket to the TV and then anchor it to the wall

We are almost there, in fact, this is practically the last step when it comes to hanging a TV on the wall. Of course, be very careful in these last moments! since it will be when we have to take the television by hand and leave it placed.

  1. Take the part of the support that has to be screwed to the back of the television, it will be the one that you have left over and it will have an almost square shape with four holes that will coincide with the ones that you will find on the back of your TV.
  2. Very carefully, firmly screw the bracket to the television with the screws and washers that the bracket itself brings.
  3. Finally, with the help of one or more people, lift the television and go to the wall bracket to join them. Depending on its type, it will have a different shape, but in most cases it is usually a hook that slides down, leaving both pieces perfectly fitted.
  4. Check if you have to screw any additional pieces between the wall bracket and the TV bracket to improve the grip.

Connect all cables and enjoy your TV

Congratulations! Not only do you know how to hang a TV on the wall, but if you’ve followed this guide while you’re at it, you’ll have it totally hanging. At this point, what remains is to connect the power cables, maybe the antenna cable and some other HDMI from a console or DVD. We recommend using some type of cable tie or trim to keep the cables organized and hide them as much as possible.

We hope that this step-by-step guide to how to hang a TV on the wall has been useful to you. If you have not yet chosen a support for your television, you can look for one on our website, you will find them of many types and sizes, with a two-year guarantee!


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