How to know if your usual mechanic is on the list of reliable workshops for the DGT

How many times have we gone to the workshop that a friend has recommended to us to do the revision, and when we finish we have asked ourselves the million dollar question: will they be good mechanics? Will my car be in good hands? Now we may be a little closer to knowing the answer.

Logically, drivers look for reliable workshops that, in addition to providing a good service, do so at a reasonable price. And, to round it off, if they already use original parts, we can be satisfied without any buts.

Well, now this is going to be possible thanks to the Electronic Workshop Book, a platform developed by the Spanish Confederation of Automobile and Related Repair Workshops (CETRAA), together with the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

This platform allows all workshops to register in Traffic which maintenance and repair actions have been carried out on the vehicle’s security systems. In other words, thanks to this program we will be able to see all the repairs that have been made to our second-hand Seat.

In addition, the tool offers an interactive map with thousands of associated workshops located throughout Spain, so that we can check before going the facilities, services and their opinions.

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When you click on them, a window opens with the name and address of the workshop, the telephone number, the email and a file which, as they explain, in itself offers full guarantees to the consumer being part of the Book Workshop project.

The ultimate goal of the DGT and CETRAA is to increase transparency in the second-hand vehicle market, something that has not been achieved so far in our country, while in the Northern Europe this market is much more controlled and regulated.

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Now, every time these vehicles pass through the associated workshops, the establishment will record the interventions carried out. From there, the data will be sent to Traffic and anyone will be able to know its complete service history by requesting a report on the vehicle from the DGT.

When registering data such as the vehicle’s mileage, the Book Electronic Workshop will avoid one of the most common practices within the second-hand sector: the manipulations in the odometers. Something that, as they explain, is the most reported practice in this type of transaction.