How to open the first level private room in Sifu

Thanks to the launch of Sifu we will be able to enjoy those classic martial arts games where basically the main thing is to hit the buttons performing a series of combined attacks.

But don’t get confused, because the development de Sifu is not entirely simple, and yet it has a lot of collectibles and secrets that you will end up discovering as the games go by, and one of them is causing a real headache for the players.

And it is that many users do not know exactly how to open a private room in the first level of Sifu, and we have already found out how, although we already told you that you will need to advance quite a bit in the adventure.

How to open the private room in Sifu

In the first level of opening Sifu we find a kind of secret room at the end, just before entering the room where the boss awaits us, and many people are digging in the level to find the key that can opening a door that is a complete mystery.

But you shouldn’t get too obsessed, because you won’t be able to open this private room on the first level, but practically when you’ve finished the adventure.

We will find this private room just before entering the first level boss fight room, so you will have no choice but to return much later.

And it is that to find the key that unlocks In this private room on the first level, you first have to fight and fight your way to the last stage of the game, the Sanctuary, and the path isn’t that easy either.

Once you reach the last level of the Sanctuary , you need to first collect the access card to room 206. You will be able to collect that access card just before the final fight of the game, specifically you will locate it next to some bags on the floor.

Once you have it, you need to use it in room 206 upstairs in the dwellings after you’ve had a run-in with two fairly strong enemies.

Once you use the card to open room 206 , inside you will find the key to the flower.

This key to the flower is the one used to open the private room on the first level, to which we must now return to be able to enter this room where we’ll tell you exactly what’s there to keep the mystery.

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