How to play a new word in Wordle without waiting for the next day

For many people, playing a game of Wordle on a daily basis is already part of their lives, but the bad thing is that we are only allowed to play the word of the day, having to wait until the next day to be able to access new challenges in the form of words we want to guess.

Luckily, we can trick Wordle into letting us play unlimited new words over and over again, but to do so we need to do a little date and time change setting in our device.

While waiting an entire day to play another game of Wordle can be excruciating, now thanks to a little setup you can do on your computer or mobile device, you can play unlimited games always having new words.

How to play a new word in Wordle without having to wait for the next day

As we have outlined, the only thing you have to do to play correctly indefinite to Wordle is by changing the date and the time of our computer, phone or tablet. And it is that Wordle is based on your daily word by using the date and time extracted from the device.

So if you manually change the year, month or day you will always be able to have new words to guess.

Obviously the way you can change the date and time varies on each device, and at the same time it also varies depending on the operating system you have installed, but basically in general terms it would be as follows way:

On iOS devices, to change the date and time, you must go to “settings”, then to “general” and select “date and time”. You’ll need to turn off “set date and time automatically”, so you can manually choose a date and time to your liking.

In Android exactly the same, we have to go to “settings”, then select “system”, and then enter “date and time”, where we must once again disable the date and time time automatically, and then set our desired date and time.

In Windows it is also very simple, we simply have to go to “settings”, within configuration we look for “time and language” , and select “date and time”, where we have to deactivate the option to set the time automatically, and with this it will let us touch the button to set the date and time manually.

On macOS it is very similar, and we must go to “system preferences”, then “date and time”, uncheck “set date and time automatically”, and then use the different calendar and clock tools to change the date and time as we please.

Now we simply have to go to the official Wordle page, update it, and with this we will see that we have a new word available according to the date we have previously chosen.

Don’t forget to go varying the date and time to always have new words, but closing and opening the browser.

Same It is very important that when you stop playing you automatically set the date and time again so as not to have problems with other programs.