How to register for Families in Action? follow these steps

The Families in Action Program delivers different amounts of money, depending on the number of minors in the family and the type of incentive (educational or of health) that is assigned. To do this, according to Social Prosperity, the program requests advance registration and meet certain conditions.

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Remember that this process is completely free and that each municipality must disclose the schedule of how the registrations will be made, in accordance with the provisions of Social Prosperity.

Here we tell you what you should take into account.

How to register?

The first thing to keep in mind is that, for this year, registrations will be They will open once the electoral processes are over. That is, between July and August.

Registration will be face-to-face in cities with fewer than 2,500 targeted families and for the others it will be virtual.

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For the registration process:

1. The family is assigned a appointment. If it is in person, you will be informed of the date, place and time to start the registration process.

2. On the day of the appointment you must submit the required documents. If it is virtual, a web portal will be enabled to upload the documentation.

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Documents must be legible and must not present no alteration. These are:

– Original identity card and photocopy of the person who appears as the holder. If you are a minor, you must present your identity card. The password is accepted in case of not having the document.

– Original and photocopied Civil Registry of each child under 18 years of age who is in charge of the family and identity card of children between 7 and 17 years of age.

– Data of the school and the IPS in which the minor is. It is not necessary to have certificates.

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3. Sign the social contract that will be provided.

4. The registration is generated and a voucher will be delivered.

5. Immediately, a validation stage is started to confirm that the documents are legible and the registration was done correctly.


For a family to be summoned, it must meet the following requirements:

1. The family must be classified in the Sisbén IV survey between A1 and B4.

2. In the Sisbén IV file (result of the survey), children and adolescents under the age of 18 in charge of the family must be registered.

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3. Be part of the targeting process applied by Social Prosperity, where a cut-off date will be taken into account to take information from Sisbén IV with the above criteria.