Parents need to be very passionate, energetic, and absorbent while feeding their children, from birth till the whole life of kids. Many of the time our children want our best focus and concentration, that’s why parenting is the toughest stage of someone’s life.

Baby as an Infant:

Infancy is a phase of a baby’s life when you need to take care of every kind of little things, this stage is very hard because the child can’t speak anything, and he/she only can understand the language of love from ancestors. At an early age, many children cry a lot; it may be because of hunger, scary feelings, and parents’ attention. The parents must be very sharp and intelligent that they can quickly pick from kids acts what he/she actually want. Usually, babies tell their feelings through some physical behavior and facial expressions like when a baby tightly closes his fingers and palms means your baby is hungry, similarly there are many physical emotions too through which a child tries to convey feelings to parents.

Early-stage steps:

When you realize that your child is now about to understand things and speaking with little fluency then put him/her in school because education is the only way through which you can nourish your kid’s brain development. Apart from education, ethics, manners and basic moral lessons are the things that a child learns from his/her parents. A child is like a blank page, it depends on parents and teachers that what you write on it.

What are the things that parents worried about?

Parenting is not an easy task, and cannot be done by a single father or mother. The cooperation of both is mandatory, good mutual understanding of father and mother helps a lot in growing up children. Love your child a lot but keep in mind that your kid must obey and respect you; either it is your son or daughter do not teach them to disrespect you even unintentionally. Always keep an eye on their activities but don’t let them know about it. Appreciate their good work and guide them courteously when they perform any bad deed.