How to watch movies and series without paying a euro (and without committing a crime)

More and more streaming platforms are coming to the Spanish market with the intention of dominating what we know as the “streaming war”.

Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Movistar+ or Apple TV+ are streaming services that, upon payment of a monthly subscription, offer us an entire ocean of content to satisfy the movie buff or series buff in us.

But in a world where we don’t have as many leading zeros in our bank accounts as we’d like, we can’t always afford a subscription to all services, or none at all.

In the end, we have to prioritize, and paying bills and food is always at the top of the list. Does that mean that we have to run out of streaming content? No friends, there are free solutions, and most importantly, LEGAL.

Today at Hobby Consoles we review some of the most interesting streaming services to watch movies and series for free and legally in 2022 .


Pluto TV, in addition to having a name reminiscent of a certain yellow dog, is a proposal very interesting that offers a catalog of the most varied movies and series.

In addition to an extensive selection of channels is thematic, Pluto TV offers an On Demand category, more similar to other streaming services.

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Series such as, for example, Detective Conan, with its first 10 seasons, are available in the catalog of this very interesting bet.

The only drawback that is you can find it is the ads, which pop up occasionally, but hey, we’re seeing the content totally free.


The official website of the Spanish Film Library is a must-stop for any self-respecting cinephile.

As an institution formed to preserve, restore and disseminate Spanish cinematographic art, the The Filmoteca offers an interesting selection of classic Spanish film productions.

In addition to classic films, the Spanish Filmoteca website has short films and documentaries, including the NO-DO.


If you have a library card you have a treasure. And not only because you have access to a fascinating literary universe, but because is your key to access eFilm.

The eFilm catalog includes free Spanish films, US cinema ropeo, classic and independent so that movie buff avid for less commercial content is satisfied.

As an extra we find some concert footage and online courses that can be very useful and instructive. Make use of that library card and take advantage of the contents of eFilm.


If you’re an anime fan, you don’t even need to be introduced to Crunchyroll. This streaming platform offers us a huge range of Japanese animation series for free.

But there’s a catch. Crunchyroll has a great free selection, yes, with series like Naruto or One Piece in its catalog, but if we want to see the newest content and access to the simulcast with Japan, we have to go to the checkout and subscribe.

The free format also includes ads, and not a few. In the paid format we can say ‘sayonara’ to any advertisement.


The general Spanish channels also have their respective streaming platforms. We put them all together in one category because they are, in essence, the same.

In AtresPlayer and MiTele we can watch series by AtreMedi and Mediaset respectively, such as Paco’s men or La que se avecina.

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The free modalities will have ads and will not provide access to all content, especially the most recent, for that we will have to subscribe.

In the case of RTVE Play, we have all the content broadcast by Radio Televisión Española channels for free, that is, with ads.


The free mode of Rakuten TV It has only a fraction of what we would find in the payment method, but as they say: “less gives a stone”.

Rakuten VIK I is a platform exclusively dedicated to Asian productions, and that we can enjoy for free and without registering, in exchange for (drum roll) ads.

Your payment option would remove the ads and let us It would also give access to exclusive series. All Rakuten Viki content comes from countries like Japan, Korea, China…


AMC has a different and very curious streaming proposal with Microchannels, where, as a test, we can access limited content from channels like DARK, Odyssey, AMC or SundanceTV.

Being l imitated, Microcanales is a service focused on the user ending up “chopping” and going through the checkout, but among the contents of the platform there are interesting and relatively unknown proposals in Spain.

In addition, AMC has enough channels under its frame to give us a few weeks of entertainment.


We finish this review with two quite specialized platforms: FilmOn offers us a bestial catalog of classic films that enjoy if we know English.

We will find everything from old drawings to film noir or, dramas… FilmOn has it all, and everything in the language of Shakespeare.

As for IQIYI, it is a platform specializing in Asian productions with subtitles in Spanish. Its paid feature removes ads and offers access to currently airing series.

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Not all of them, of course, there are always some more platforms where we can see content for free and legally, but essentially they all follow a very similar pattern.

If you want to recommend any more, you can use the comments section, but remember that if you include links in a message, it is pending moderation.

Of course there are a lot of options to enjoy free and legal content in Spain, although the media attention, us included, almost always focuses on the “majors of streaming”.